Is Ted Cruz Weak On Immigration?

The barrage of anti-Ted Cruz rhetoric from the Trump camp has been ratcheted up in recent weeks, especially in the wake of Trump’s win in South Carolina. Accusations of lying, weakness and dishonesty towards Ted Cruz have dominated the @realDonaldTrump Twitter feed. In the last 24 hours Trump has made 27 tweets. Twelve of those were in regards to recent wins or favorable polls, but 8 of those tweets were very negative towards Ted Cruz. In four quick tweets in a row this morning Trump attacked Cruz’s Christian faith, “temperment” (sic), loyalty and stance on immigration.


While most of those tweets are character attacks that can’t really be construed as either lies or facts, Ted Cruz’s stance on illegal immigration is strong and very similar in many ways to Trump’s proposals. The above tweet state that Cruz  “is in favor of amnesty and weak on illegal immigration.”

If you visit the Cruz website under issues, securing the border is number three on that list behind restoring the Constitution and Second Amendment rights. He plans to build a wall, though presumably won’t attempt to force Mexico to pay for it, use cameras an biometrics and triple border security. He promises to end the Obama amnesty programs and increase deportations. Much of the language used on Cruz’s site is identical to the positions on the official Trump site.

Unlike Trump, who has never voted on or introduced any legislation of any kind, Ted Cruz actually does have a pretty strong anti-immigration history. Ted Cruz drafted and introduced the Senate version of Kate’s Law, which would impose mandatory 5 year sentences on reentering illegal immigrants. He co-authored the American Jobs First Act bill that would reform the H-1B guest worker visa program and attempt to prevent corporations from importing short term immigrant workers.

Cruz may not have the vitriol and disdain for the government and citizens of Mexico that Trump has, it is safe to say that claiming Ted Cruz is “weak on illegal immigration” is a falsehood.



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