Trump Campaign Claims He “Doesn’t Owe Anybody Anything”

Reiterating in a tweet yesterday that his campaign is self funded (it isn’t), he also made the statement that he doesn’t “owe anybody anything.”


In the accompanying video he goes on to say that the establishment, the media, special interests, lobbyists and donors are “all against me.” He is implying that by refusing money from special interests and the “establishment” that he doesn’t owe anyone anything and that these interests will not affect his future policy making.

For a quick reference, HERE is a list of the donors that have contributed more than $2700 to his campaign. At this point donors make up 30% of the capital raised so far, a cool $7.5 million of the $25.5 million total.

More troubling is that the Donald Trump campaign actually owes an awful lot of money to one wealthy and powerful man. Donald Trump. While he has made smaller donations in kind to his campaign, the bulk of the money that he is using to “self fund” his campaign is in the form of interest free loans, that come due on December 31, 2016. Trump could write these loans off as a loss. Or he could see the Presidency as an investment. As a business man it seems suspicious that this funding was in the form of loans, rather than a donation. A loan implies repayment at a later time, begging the question of where is the money going to come from?



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