Trump Promises To Both End and Expand Acceptable Torture


Donald Trump is not shy about his advocacy for the torture of America’s enemies. In the past he has recommended killing the families of terrorists, decapitating members of ISIS, waterboarding and “a hell of a lot worse.” He doubled down in a USA Today Op-Ed piece a few weeks ago stating “Though the effectiveness of many of these methods may be in dispute, nothing should be taken off the table when American lives are at stake. The enemy is cutting off the heads of Christians and drowning them in cages, and yet we are too politically correct to respond in kind.”

After coming under fire from a variety of Washington officials and military personnel, Trump reversed his stance on torture for almost 24 hours. On Friday he stated “I will not order a military officer to disobey the law. It is clear that as president I will be bound by laws just like all Americans and I will meet those responsibilities.”

Torture is defined under US law as an “act committed by a person acting under the color of law specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering.” For example waterboarding, killing a captive’s family or decapitating a prisoner.

Yesterday at a rally in Michigan, 24 hours after making the above statement about not asking anyone to break any laws, Trump said “we’re going to stay within the laws. But you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to have those laws broadened because we’re playing with two sets of rules: their rules and our rules.” So when Donald Trump doesn’t like a rule he’ll just change it.

He went on to say “We have to obey the laws, but do you think ISIS is obeying the laws?”

ISIS doesn’t have to obey the laws because they are the bad guys. They cut people’s heads off. They destroy priceless artifacts. They torture people. That’s what makes them bad guys. The US is supposed to be the good guys and if we throw out the rule of law what are we fighting for? At that point, Mr. Trump, what is the difference between the US and ISIS?



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