Trump Threatens To Blackmail Ted Cruz’s Wife


Yesterday Donald Trump continued his display of contempt for women in general and Heidi Cruz in particular by threatening to “spill the beans” on her. This was in response to an ad aired in Utah showing a nude Melania Trump in a GQ ad from 2000 by the super PAC Make America Awesome. She was working as a model at the time, and the girlfriend of Trump.

First the lie: the ad was not Ted Cruz’s ad, as tweeted by Trump, it was from an independent PAC unaffiliated with a candidate. Cruz responded, and corrected the error:


There is a lot of gross to unpack in this whole affair. Firstly, is Make America Awesome trying to slut shame a super model? She’s a model, doing exactly what she wants with her body, it seems unlikely that she was ashamed of those pictures. Furthermore, if a woman works as a model does that make her less worthy of respect or integrity? Gross.

In some sort of sick quid pro quo, Trump then threatens to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife Heidi. What does that even mean? How is possible that a Presidential candidate can openly threaten to blackmail his opponents wife? Gross.

Cruz comes off as the least gross in this sordid bit of mud slinging, but still resorts to name calling and chest puffing. Gross.



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