Trump Cries Foul At Louisiana Primary, Doesn’t Feel That The Rules Apply to Him


In the GOP Louisiana primary last week, Donald Trump won over Ted Cruz by 3.6%. According to Politico, Trump took 41.4% of the vote, while Ted Cruz took 37.8%. By the primary rules of Louisiana, both men are awarded 18 delegates. Where Trump is crying foul is that Marco Rubio, who won 5 delegates in Louisiana, has now dropped out of the race. His delegates are up for grabs, in addition to 5 delegates that have no affiliation and can vote for whomever they want.

The Wall Street Journal reported that those delegates are planning to support Cruz, giving him a 10 delegate advantage in a state in which he was beaten by nearly 4%. However, this is all above board and completely agrees with the rules of Republican primaries in the state of Louisiana. What’s more, Cruz claims to have sown up support of 5 of the 6 committee members in Louisiana that will help write the rules of the convention in Cleveland in the case of a contested nomination.

Trump is understandably upset, but doesn’t seem to think that the rules apply to him. In typical Trump fashion, he fired off an angry tweet and threatened to sue. Jason Dore, executive of the Louisiana GOP, spoke to New York Magazine saying that the party is prepared for a lawsuit, but says it is “unclear” who exactly the Presidential hopeful will sue. All the rules set forth by the Louisiana GOP were followed, so it doesn’t appear that Trump has a leg to stand on. That, of course, hasn’t stopped him from threatening to sue in the past.

Ted Cruz’s campaign spokesman Ron Nehring summed it up pretty well:





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