Trump Tweets That Wisconsin Lost Jobs, Actually Gained 1000s


While Trump tweeted this morning that “Wisconsin has suffered a great loss of jobs and trade,” a quick look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website tells a different story. The employment numbers have been gradually increasing at a rate of approximately 3000 jobs per month. Unemployment is at 4.6%, well below the national rate of 5%. Below are graphs from the BLS showing all upticks in jobs since the recession.


Trump was also wrong on the loss of trade. While the most recent numbers released by the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection are from 2014, they show an increase in overall trade of 1% compared to 2013. The total exports were $23 billion in 2014, that 1% amounts to a $230 million increase in trade in 2014.

It is unclear where Trump got the idea that Wisconsin is losing jobs, as it just is not true. Trump promises to “rapidly reverse” these trends, so think about that before casting a vote for Trump in Wisconsin this Tuesday.



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