Trump Actually Said “I Don’t Care About the Rules”

While the staff here at WDTLAY Headquarters usually focuses on, well, lies that Donald Trump told yesterday, we ran across an incredible sound bite of Donald Trump telling the truth. Still stinging after winning the Louisiana primary, but losing delegates, he raged this quote at a rally in Milwaukee on Tuesday:

“And then you see the dishonesty. You see where I won Louisiana, and then I find out I’m not supposed to get as many delegates as a person that I beat. What kind of stuff is that?” Trump continued: “Somebody said, ‘Well, there’s a rule and another rule.’ I don’t care about rules, folks. I go out, I campaign, we win, we get the delegates, right?” Check the 14:00 mark of the above video.

That “stuff” happens to be the rules in place for the GOP primary of Louisiana. Unfortunately, bluster doesn’t matter, that “stuff” is the only thing that matters. To fact check Trump here, he and Cruz actually won 18 each, but there are 5 unbound and 5 that went to Rubio who has now dropped out of the race.

Donald Trump is correct in being frightened. He has a serious delegate problem, and needs ever delegate that he can get. While Ted Cruz has been mobilizing his “establishment” organization for months to woo delegates for the convention, Trump only hired a delegate advisor last week. This became crystal clear in Louisiana as all of 10 of the unbound delegates there are likely to go to Cruz.

Ultimately the President is the chief of the Executive branch, the lead enforcer of the rules. It is truly incredible that a man running for the office of President would utter such a comment with such disdain for the laws of our country, and his own professed party. “I don’t care about the rules, folks…”


Trump on Delegate Fight: ‘I Don’t Care About the Rules’


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