Donald Trump Donates Less Than Half of $6M To Military Charities


While most of the Presidential candidates were attending a Fox News debate on January 28th, Donald Trump decided to hold a fundraiser for military veterans. He was boycotting the debate because moderator Megyn Kelly had asked him some tough questions in an earlier debate. In any case, raising money for veterans is a laudable undertaking, and according to Donald Trump he raised $6 million.

More than two months later, the Wall Street Journal states the charities that were slated to receive the money report that they have received only $2.4 million from the Donald J. Trump Foundation. 19 of the 22 charities responded. One had not filled out the paperwork, one didn’t respond and one did not disclose how much it received. Several groups said they didn’t receive any of the money promised to them.

The Trump campaign said that more charities than those originally mentioned received money, petulantly adding that “if the media spent half as much time highlighting the work of these groups and how our Veterans have been so mistreated, rather than trying to disparage Mr. Trump’s generosity for a totally unsolicited gesture for which he had no obligation, we would all be better for it.” If the Trump campaign was transparent and upfront about where $6 million dollars in donations went then perhaps this wouldn’t be a story.



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