Trump Tweets the RNC Has Received”+1 Million Postcards.” It’s Actually Zero.


In a tweet last week that has since been deleted, Donald Trump boasted that “Reports are RNC has received +1 million postcards so far!” including a picture of a printed postcard from an organization called USAforTrump2016. The twitter handle @Cam appears to be a mistake, as the last post they made was in March saying “So the #FBI got into the #iPhone. Da fuq?” But digging in to the USAforTrump2016 website and twitter reveals that for $1 USAforTrump2016 will send out two of the above postcards on behalf of a registered voter, informing the RNC that the pledged voter will only vote for Trump. Considering that postcards cost $.35 to send, that is a tidy profit of $.30 per postcard.

Donald Trump obviously didn’t bother to look into the insane claim that a million postcards were sent, as the USAforTrump2016 gofundme page shows that they have raised a whopping $5312, just over half of their goal of $10000. By my count that makes 10624 postcards, barely 1% of one million. In addition, none of these cards have actually been sent, or even printed, as USAforTrump2016 only ordered the first 10000 yesterday April 11th.


Donald Trump is not the only one not doing his homework, as a close look at the address on that postcard shows “301 1st Street SE Washington, DC 20003.” Unfortunately for USAforTrump2016 and Mr. Trump the RNC headquarters is located at 310 1st SE, down the block and across the street from the parking lot at 301 1st Street SE where all of these postcards will be sent.



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