Trump Doesn’t “Believe” in Climate Change, Builds Sea Wall To Protect Golf Course From Rising Seas


Donald Trump has repeatedly and loudly proclaimed that he does not “believe” in climate change, calling it “bullshit” and a “hoax.” This is in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence that climate change is happening in is man made.

In spite of these pronouncements, Trump’s company applied for a permit for a seawall for his Trump International Golf Links & Hotel Ireland in County Clare to prevent erosion. According to Politico, the permit application it explicitly mentions the wall is to protect the golf course from “global warming and its effects.” Specifically the application mentions erosion from rising sea levels and the extreme weather displayed this century.

It’s hard to say whether Donald Trump actually believes that his golf course will be harmed by rising sea levels or if he thought that his application would be expedited by invoking global warming.

Here are some bonus mind numbing and very misinformed Donald Trump tweets about global warming collected by CBS News:




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