Trump Hates Bill Clinton Now, Loved Him In the 90s


Despite the criticism of Donald Trump’s treatment of women recently, Trump has come out very strongly against Bill Clinton’s past indiscretions and allegations of sexual misconduct in the 80s and 90s. At a rally early in May he said of Bill Clinton that “nobody in this country was worse than Bill Clinton with women. He was a disaster. He was disaster.” In a new attack ad against Bill Clinton, women who accused him of sexual misconduct voice their stories about incidents occurring in the 80s and 90s.

It is a hypocritical move for multiple reasons, as earlier this month Trump dismissed old allegations of impersonating his own publicist saying “When was this? Twenty-five years ago? Wow, you mean you’re going so low as to talk about something that took place 25 years ago.” Trump apparently has no problem “going that low.” Trump’s problems with women have been well documented, as allegations of sexual harassment and rampant misogyny have continue to plague the presumptive GOP nominee.

Donald Trump was a big fan of President Bill Clinton in the 90s, going on record multiple times with his support of the President, and his disgust for the scandal. In a 1997 CNN interview Trump gushed “I think Bill Clinton is terrific. I think he’s done an amazing job. I think he’s probably got the toughest skin I’ve ever seen, and I think he’s a terrific guy. I just have to view the economy and the country. I think Bill Clinton has done a terrific job. I don’t think he’s been treated very fairly, but I think he’s done a terrific job.” He also stated that the “same allegations you guys are talking about now were a waste of time, were wrong, were hollow, that Bill Clinton was a terrific guy, that he was a great president, that the impeachment was wrong.”

Even as recently as 2012 in a Fox News interview Trump said “I’ve known [Hillary] and her husband for years and I really like them both a lot.” Trump donated $100,000 to the Clinton’s foundation and had Bill Clinton speak at Trump’s Mar-a-lago Resort, a speech that Trump described as “very well received.”

If Donald Trump really believes that Bill Clinton was a rapist and a sexual predator, why would he say all of these niceties and allow him to speak at his club?



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