Released Trump University Documents Reveal Many Contradictions By Donald Trump


Trump makes a lot of statements, but rarely under oath. With the recent release of the court documents in the Trump University fraud case, the public has a chance to compare the statements that Donald Trump has made in the media and what he has entered into the public record as a deposition under oath. Let’s just say they don’t exactly match up.

In a promotional video for Trump University, Donald Trump said “We are going to have the best of the best … and these people that are handpicked by me.” When ask under oath in a deposition in December 2015 if he could remember the name of even a single instructor that he ‘handpicked’ he responded “You’d have to give me a list. You’d have to show me the list. I actually went — I would go and just walk in and just stand in the back of the room on occasion just to see how they were doing. But it’s been so many years, I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

He admitted in the deposition that not only did he not ‘handpick’ his instructors, but had almost nothing to do with their hiring. He said that he “would see resumes,” but admitted that most of the hiring was done by employee Martin Sexton. “I told him…I want very good people,” Trump said.

Trump has also said that he never wanted to settle the case. “I actually thought that people were very happy at the school,” Trump said in the deposition. “I was very surprised. That’s why I didn’t settle this case, which I could have settled very easily a long time ago.” He elaborated in a 2013 interview with George Stephanopoulos, saying that “I could have settled this very easily with them. They wanted to settle it. I didn’t want … no, I don’t want to settle this at all.”

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who is litigating the case and has called Trump University “a fraud from beginning to end,” disagrees that Trump refused to settle.  On MSNBC on Thursday Schneiderman said”[Trump] did offer to settle. He settles cases all the time.”



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