Trump Says It’s “Common Sense” That Mexican & Muslim Judges Are Incapable of Impartiality

Donald Trump has drawn heat in the media for remarks made last week that Judge Curiel, an American of Mexican descent, should be removed from the Trump University case because he would be biased against the Presidential hopeful. Instead of backing off these inflammatory statements, Trump has doubled down that certain races and religious affiliations are not capable of impartially judging his case.

Yesterday on the Sunday morning show “Face the Nation,” at the 13:00 mark in the above video Donald Trump elaborated on his belief that he is being discriminated against by the above judge because he’s “going to build a wall.” Because a ruling in the case did not go his way he believes “this judge is not treating [him] fairly and there’s something going on.”

At the 15:00 mark in Trump’s interview with John Dickerson, the interviewer asks Trump if he thinks a Muslim judge would be biased. Trump dodges the question multiple times, talking about Syrian refugees, but the interviewer sticks with the question and asks it three times before Trump gives an answer:

DICKERSON: My question is if it were a Muslim judge would you also feel like they wouldn’t be able to treat you fairly? Because of that policy of yours?

TRUMP: It’s possible, yes. Yeah. It would be possible, absolutely.

DICKERSON: Isn’t there sort of a tradition though in America that we don’t judge people by who their parents were and where they came from?

TRUMP: I just don’t care about tradition. I’m talking about common sense, ok?

Donald Trump believes that casual racism and white privilege is just “common sense.” When asked about the American tradition of judging a person on their own merits and not the acts of their parents, Trump relies “I just don’t care about tradition.” What is more un-American than that? How is President Trump supposed to negotiate with other countries if he believes that they aren’t capable of behaving impartially?



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