Trump Claims Elizabeth “Pocahantas” Warren Wants Taxes at 95%


At a rally in Richmond, VA on Friday, Donald Trump again took aim at Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of his harshest and most vocal critics. He repeatedly referred to her as “Pocahantas,” a derogatory reference to her Native American heritage, in a speech where he made the bold claim that the Senator wants to raise taxes to 95%.

“Pocahantas is not happy, she’s not happy. She’s the worst. Ya know, Pocahantas, I’m doing such a disservice to Pocahantas, it’s so unfair to Pocahantas,” Trump chortled as he continued his attack . “But this Elizabeth Warren, I call her Goofy, this Elizabeth Warren is one of the worst Senators in the entire United States Senate. She’s got practically nothing done, she’s got practically nothing passed. If it was up to her, you’d have taxes at 95%. And I hope she’s going to be chosen by Hillary, oh, would that be great.”

WDTLAY yesterday has already disproven his assertion that “she’s got practically nothing done.” But Trump’s assertion that she wants to have taxes at 95% seems to be a “joke” or made up out of whole cloth. Trump gives no evidence to back up this claim, and glosses over it to savor a Clinton/Warren ticket.

The claim seems to be made up. I could find no evidence of Warren wanting to significantly raise income taxes except for the wealthiest Americans, though she is a proponent of raising corporate taxes and closing loopholes for many corporations. In fact, Donald Trump and Elizabeth Warren agree that taxes for the rich should be raised.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has advocated for simplifying the tax code and has proposed a bill for “return free filing” that would ease tax filing for millions of Americans. Donald Trump is probably using exaggeration and hyperbole to make a point (or a bad joke), but should probably choose his words more carefully in between racist epithets.

Elizabeth Warren Strikes Back Against Republican Tax Plans


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