Trump Remains Loyal To and Praises Campaign Manager He Just Unceremoniously Fired


After months of support and loyalty, the Trump train fired their campaign manager Corey Lewandowski yesterday. Trump has stayed loyal to him throughout his historic campaign, despite a battery charge against him for handling a reporter (those charges were later dropped) and an unprecedented disorganized and underfunded campaign.

Trump has had a bad week or two. His comments about the Mexican heritage of a judge have cemented in the minds of voters that Donald Trump is a racist, as well doubling down on his xenophobic and Islamophobic plan to ban Muslims after the Orlando shooting. His polls numbers are dropping quickly, as prominent GOP politicians rescind their endorsements and slowly back away from Donald Trump. Then his campaign financials for May were just released and they are really, really bad. Like Trump only had $1.3 million in the bank at the end of May, while the Clinton campaign has $42 million bad.

So it’s really no wonder that Trump decided to fire his inexperienced and likely incompetent campaign manager. What is a wonder is that Trump can’t even admit that his campaign is not going well even after firing his manager three weeks before the convention.

“First of all, he’s a great guy, and you see that a little bit, frankly, he’s a great guy, uh, he did a…” Trump told the hosts of Fox & Friends in the above video. “You know we ran a very lean type campaign, we spent less money than anybody else, essentially. And got the best result. And I spent less than anyone else and won. And Corey did a great job. There were some people that loved Corey, some people didn’t like him as much because Corey was strong and he was tough. I tell you though, I give him a ’10.’ He’s number one, he’s a great guy.”

That really sounds more like a drunken best man speech than an answer when asked why you fired your campaign manager. The fact is that Trump is now losing in the polls, a feeling he hasn’t had since August of 2015. As his poll numbers dive he can longer tolerate the slipshod campaign being run by Lewandowski, no matter how many times he says the guy is “great” and a “10.”

This is the ephemeral quality of of Trump’s loyalty. He doesn’t have loyalty, he only has people that are serving him now, and those who aren’t. He will heap praise on those that agree with him and viciously denounce anyone that is critical to him. Lewandowski knows this better than anyone, being very careful in the above clip to have nothing but nice things to say about his former boss. Mr. Trump, don’t tell us what a great guy Lewandowski is, please, just tell the truth.



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