Trump Accuses Clinton Of Bribing Attorney General


Donald Trump was dumbfounded this week when Hillary Clinton was exonerated in the FBI probe into her personal email debacle. As he couldn’t accept that perhaps this email scandal wasn’t a crime, Trump outright accused Hillary Clinton of bribing Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

“So Hillary said today — at least according to what I saw on television, which you can’t always believe. I actually found it hard to believe she’d said this, but she said today that we may consider the attorney general to go forward. That’s like a bribe, isn’t it? Isn’t it sort of a bribe? I think it’s a bribe,” Trump said. “I mean, the attorney general sitting there saying, you know, ‘If I get Hillary off the hook, I’m going have four more years or eight more years, but if she loses, I’m out of a job.’ It’s a bribe. It’s a disgrace.”

Neither Hillary Clinton nor her campaign have made a public statement on whether or not they have considered keeping Lynch on as the Attorney General. Trump’s comment seems to come from a New York Times article where “Democrats close to Mrs. Clinton say she may decide to retain Ms. Lynch, the nation’s first black woman to be attorney general.” I couldn’t find a source for a direct quote from Clinton on this matter, only the secondhand, anonymous information from the New York Times. Whether Clinton has said something in private, or Bill Clinton said something in their ill-advised meeting last week, it is impossible to say.

Trump must not think very highly of Ms. Lynch’s intelligence if he thinks that she couldn’t come up with that idea on her own. Obviously she no possibility of remaining Attorney General under a Trump administration. She’s a woman of color, after all, and tainted by the stench of Obama. She might have a chance of keeping her position under Clinton, but he offers no proof or evidence of bribery, only innuendo and secondhand anonymous sources. This evidence falls far short of the evidence I would need to accuse Hillary Clinton of bribery.



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