Trump Greatly Exaggerates Job Loss In Hillary Clinton’s New York


In Pensacola, FL this week Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton on her job record in New York while a Senator there.

“Take a look at New York state”, Trump said to his gathered crowd of supporters. “When she was a senator from New York state, she campaigned by saying that she was going to bring jobs back to New York state. New York state is a disaster. She got elected, she did nothing. She said see you later in four years. She got elected. Take a look at what happened to New York state. The jobs left. The jobs left. Worse than just about any place in the country.”

Trump is correct that Hillary Clinton failed to come through on a campaign pledge to bring 200,000 jobs to New York. Trump is also correct that New York lost jobs while Hillary Clinton was Senator. What he didn’t tell you is that she was Senator during the Great Recession where unemployment and job loss were up around the country.

To say that New York state was “worse than just about any place in the country” in terms of job loss is a gross exaggeration. In fact, New York was not even worse than most of the states in the New England region, much less the most affected areas like Michigan or West Virginia. Take a look at this handy chart that put together:


It is not surprising that New York did lose some jobs in the worst economy in 80 years. But New York was actually better off than 6 of the other 8 states in the New England region, not to mention the rest of the country. Throughout the recession New York state unemployment was well below the national average of over 10%.




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