Donald Trump Inexplicably Claims That Hillary Clinton Is Running A “Policy-Free Campaign”


According to a widely reported AP Fact Check, Donald Trump made the dumbfounding assertion that Hillary Clinton has no policies and no ideas, not to mention dividing people.

“Clinton is running a policy-free campaign. She offers no ideas, no solutions. And only hatred and derision,” Trump said on Wednesday. Trump has been accused throughout the campaign of being light on policy and long on hateful and divisive rhetoric. His base policy is a vague unfunded wall that literally divides one group of people from another.

Clinton in fact has so many policies that she and running mate Tim Kaine published a book so that you could read them all. There is not a way that you could measure policies that would have Donald Trump coming out ahead of Hillary Clinton.


On Trump’s website under the “Issues” tab, there are twenty issues listed with short videos and essentially zero actual content. Several of the “issues” aren’t really issues at all. One heading defends the collegiate boondoggle Trump University. Another is “Life Changing Experiences,” though Trump makes no mention of why his personal life changing experiences are an issue to the American people.

Hillary Clinton on the other hand has thirty nine issues listed, with links to long form explanations and meticulously researched articles. There are tens of thousands of words of actual content and policy on Clinton’s website with painstaking attention to detail.

Compare this to Trump’s website. There are dozens of words there that are just headings for the stream of consciousness videos of Trump spouting rhetoric, many of which are . His video titled “Trade War” is one minute and thirty three seconds long. This is a major element of his campaign, perhaps only second in importance to The Wall. It is also the longest video on the page, with almost all of the videos outlining his platform are less than one minute long. No research, no data, no experts. Just forty seconds of Donald Trump telling his supporters what they want to hear. Here is an example:

That’s Donald Trump talking for fifty six seconds about his signature issue.

It’s hard to say what Trump meant with this statement. It is laughable to think that Trump has more well thought out policies than Hillary Clinton, and to say that she is “policy-free” is just confusing. She literally wrote a 300 page book outlining her dozens of proposals and fleshed out policies. Trump has yet to release a coherent plan for any of his “policies.”


Trump tries to turn Clinton’s attacks back at her


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