Trump Brags About “Calling” the Chelsea Bombing Before Details Were Released

Donald Trump again took the opportunity of a national tragedy to congratulate himself on predicting it. You may remember that Trump bragged about predicting the Orlando night club shooting, as if predicting a mass shooting in America is difficult or anything to be proud of.

Saturday night Donald Trump told his gathered supporters that “a bomb went off in New York city. Nobody knows exactly what is going on.” This happened right after the incident, before any of the officials on the ground had released that it was a bomb, rather than a gas explosion or other accident. A Presidential candidate said that that a bomb went off in New York, immediately before admitting that “nobody knows exactly what is going on.”

To make matters worse, he went on Fox and Friends a few hours later to brag about his prescience saying that he “should be a newscaster because I called it before the news.”

Guessing that an explosion is a bomb before anyone knows any details is not what a newscaster does. The newscaster reports facts as they are known, rather than trying to “call” things, stirring up your political supporters at the same time.

Additionally, acting upon and announcing sensitive information like “a bomb went off in New York” is not really something that a Presidential candidate should be doing. While Hillary Clinton also used the word “bomb” when talking to the press shortly afterward, more information had come out since Trump made the statement with nearly zero information.

The fact the Trump was right doesn’t matter. “I think it’s important to know the facts about any incident like this,” Hillary Clinton said of Trump’s early statements. “I think it’s always wiser to wait until you have information before making conclusions because we are just in the beginning stages of trying to determine what happened.”



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