Trump Claims Michigan, Ohio, NC Are “Getting Killed” as Unemployment Is Less Than Half Its 2009 Levels


The Debate looms close, and the mood around the WDTLAY offices is like a bunch of kids on Christmas eve. Even though Trump has been reading off of teleprompters and at least making an attempt at seeming Presidential recently, he has still been filling the ears of his supporters with lies.

Politico fact checked all of Trump’s statements this week, and found 87 lies. That comes out to one lie every 3 minutes and 15 seconds out of 5 hours of transcript. While WDTLAY has already covered many of these lies, we found a new one on the list.

“Michigan is getting killed. Ohio is getting killed. A lot of states are getting killed, including by the way, North Carolina,” Trump said at a rally in Kenansville, NC on September 20th when speaking about jobs.

As Politico pointed out, the unemployment rate for all three of those states is vastly better than they were in January 2009, when Obama took office.

Michigan unemployment in 2009: 11.6%

Michigan unemployment in 2016: 4.5%

Ohio unemployment in 2009: 8.8%

Ohio unemployment in 2016: 4.7%

North Carolina unemployment in 2009: 9.7%

North Carolina unemployment in 2016: 4.7%

If that’s getting killed, I sure hope we get eight more years of murder.



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