Debate Vol. 5: Trump Interrupts Clinton To Wrongly Correct Her On NYC Murders

Starting at the 53:00 mark of the above video, Trump begins talking about stop and frisk in New York City, and makes some bold claims about its efficacy in the last decade. As Clinton retorts with some facts, Donald Trump interrupts her to correct her:

TRUMP: In New York City, stop-and-frisk, we had 2,200 murders, and stop-and-frisk brought it down to 500 murders. Five hundred murders is a lot of murders. It’s hard to believe, 500 is like supposed to be good?

But we went from 2,200 to 500. And it was continued on by Mayor Bloomberg. And it was terminated by current mayor. But stop-and- frisk had a tremendous impact on the safety of New York City. Tremendous beyond belief. So when you say it has no impact, it really did. It had a very, very big impact.

CLINTON: Well, it’s also fair to say, if we’re going to talk about mayors, that under the current mayor, crime has continued to drop, including murders. So there is…

TRUMP: No, you’re wrong. You’re wrong.

CLINTON: No, I’m not.

TRUMP: Murders are up. All right. You check it.

Don’t mind if I do, Mr. Trump, I did check it. And Clinton is right, you’re wrong on this one.

As of the week of September 25th, murders in New York City were down 5.3% from this time in 2015. That is fourteen lives, down to 252 from 266 this time last year. And the trajectory is downward, as New York’s murder rate is headed for a historic low.

If you pull back the two year numbers are not quite so rosy, as murders are up 6.3% if you look at the 2 year. Keep pulling back though, and it keeps looking better and better. Murders are down 36.5% from 6 years ago, the height of the stop and frisk era, and down a whopping 82.7% from 23 years ago.


Click to access cs-en-us-city.pdf


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