Debate #2 Vol. 4: Trump Claims He Won Every Poll Following the Debate. He Did Not.


Donald Trump bragged on Twitter following the debate that he won in a “landslide” and won “every poll.”

According to the Washington Post, the most scientific of the polls that came immediately following the debate was the CNN Poll. Using a scientific methodology and following up with phone respondents that said they were planning to watch the debate, the poll found that 57% said Clinton won. 34% said Trump won.

The Washington Post also sites three other “online opt in” polls of lesser but respectable quality that all found Clinton to have won by margins of 5-16%.

Trump loves polls, as long as they show him up. He has never tweeted a poll that shows him down, and loves to post polls of very poor methodology. For example:


These polls are referred to by 538’s Nate Silver as “clickers” or “fauxlls” because they lack any sort of sampling, methodology or oversight. All are online polls, and anyone can vote in them as many times as they want, so you can imagine that the people that are haunting Breitbart might be a little partisan.

Not only did Trump not win “every poll” in a “landslide,” all of the scientific polls conducted immediately after the debate had Clinton winning by a significant margin. This seems to play into Trump’s distrust of polls, as he sees his numbers sliding there, but attendance and enthusiasm at his rallies remain high.



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