Trump Perpetuates Social Media Accusations of “Vote Flipping” In Texas


Donald Trump continued to dismiss the legitimacy of our 240 year old democracy yesterday, tweeting out there had been “a lot of call-ins” about so called “vote flipping” in Texas.


Apparently referring to multiple social media posts in Texas about problems with early machines, there were several reports of straight ticket Republican votes being changed to votes for Hillary Clinton.

A Potter County judge, where the Arlington incident occurred, made a statement that “there is nothing wrong with any of the machines we use for voting. They do not flip your vote. They do not flip parties. Humans do that.”

Human error was also blamed by Frank Phillips, the elections administrator for Arlington, telling CNN that “the voter did not follow the directions for straight-party voting.”

This plays into the paranoia of a GOP that can’t believe that Texas could be considered a swing state in a Presidential election. It is easier to fathom an enormous and widespread conspiracy through every facet of the election process than it is to fathom that they nominated a fantastically unlikable candidate that goes out of his way to alienate large swaths of the American electorate.

It is slightly more believable that a couple of voters in Texas were confused about how to use a voting machine than it is that thousands of people across the state have conspired to subvert democracy to give Hillary Clinton a win in Texas, a state that she almost certainly will not need to win by a large margin.

The above Facebook post, which was shared thousands  of times, also notes that the two election workers that were present were able to reset her vote and allow her to enter it correctly.

Additionally, the Texas elections board, as in 33 other states, is run by Republicans.



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