Trump Claims Clinton Gave $675,000 To Wife Of FBI Investigator

As a weary world turns its head towards yet another investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, Donald Trump made a somewhat new accusation about a gift of $675,000 to the wife of the FBI agent involved in investigating her case.

“The Clinton crew gave more than $675,000 to the wife of the deputy director of the FBI and the man who was overseeing the investigation into Hillary’s illegal server,” Trump said yesterday in New Hampshire as his supporters booed. “But maybe that takes care of itself. Right now that takes care of itself I think, I think. Very proud that the FBI was willing to do this actually, really, very proud.”

Jill McCabe is the wife of Andrew McCabe, who was the associate deputy director of the FBI in 2015. He would go on to be involved in the investigation into Clinton’s server, but was certainly not overseeing it. That would be FBI Director Comey, who had the oversight and made the final call on whether or not to prosecute.

It was not Hillary Clinton that gave the money to Dr. McCabe’s campaign, it was Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe’s PAC and the Democratic Party of Virginia. $450,000 was given directly to the campaign by the PAC and over $200,000 was spent on mailings by the Democratic Party of Virginia. This all happened in the fall of 2015. That is where that $675,000 number comes from, but you may notice that neither of those organizations are Hillary Clinton.

McCabe lost her bid for the Senate in November of 2015. Her husband became deputy director of the FBI three months later in February of 2016, the first time that he had any oversight of the Clinton investigation.

Trump did amend his lie from yesterday to be “Clinton’s crew” instead of Clinton herself, as he had said in earlier comments. Trump is accusing Clinton of giving money to the wife of the person in charge of investigating her.

In reality, a PAC and the Democratic Party of Virginia, which Clinton has nothing to do with, legitimately gave money to a woman’s campaign. This was six months before Andrew McCabe was involved with the investigation. Clinton didn’t give anyone anything, and in addition it was six months before Mr. McCabe knew that he would be involved with the investigation.

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