Trump Ejects Black Supporter, Calling Him a “Thug” and a Paid Agitator

At a rally in Kinston, NC on Friday Donald Trump ejected a protester from his rally calling him a “thug” and accusing him of being a paid agitator.

“That’s alright, leave him alone, that’s alright. You know the great thing about that, we have a protester,” Trump said as the crowd hooted and booed. “By the way, were you paid $1500 to be a thug? Where’s the protester? Where is he? Was he paid? You can get him out. Get him out.” The crowd roars its approval.

That “protester” was 63 year old Marine veteran C.J. Cary, an African-American Trump supporter who was trying to get the nominee’s attention to give him a letter asking him to have more respect for women so that he wouldn’t be beaten by Hillary Clinton.

Trump didn’t just ask to have him ejected, he intentionally used the racially loaded term “thug” to describe him. Trump referred to the largely unfounded claim that the Clinton campaign paid agitators to disrupt Trump rallies. Cary thinks he was targeted because he was the only black man in the front and he was wearing sunglasses because of a sensitivity to light.

Cary took to Twitter to defend himself and apologize for all of the “Black hate” that has somehow traumatized the GOP nominee. He told the Washington Post that he has about 100 Trump signs in his yard at the moment, and has been corresponding with Trump since 1992.




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