Don’t Boo. Vote.


When I started this little exercise on February 20th, it never occurred to me that I would be writing a post on Election Day. 257 posts and 25,000 views later I’m writing this as I’m about to go vote.

The name and concept for the site came to me out of blue one morning, and I quickly grabbed the domain name. I wrote the first post the next morning. I’ve only missed a few days in between despite trips, spotty WiFi and the birth of my first child.

It started mostly as a writing exercise for myself, and an excuse to become more active in educating myself about the upcoming election season and to practice some short form journalistic articles. I did not envision this as an eight month long project.

Despite being immersed in Donald Trump’s falsehoods for these eight months, the depth and breadth of his lying is still astounding to me. It saddens me that vast portions of the American people care so little for something so precious as the truth that they will overlook and even embrace falsity.

Trump didn’t just lie, he tried to change reality. He will often repeat a lie so often and so loudly that it will become truth to his supporters.Trump would lie just for the sake of lying, making “factual” statements that just weren’t true and easily disprovable.

I hope that Trump has not forever damaged the ability for a reasonably honest candidate to succeed with his supporters. I hope that the American people soundly reject Donald J. Trump today. I hope that Americans realize that America is already great, and that Trump’s dark, negative vision is not who we are as  a people.



One comment

  1. James Morrison · November 10, 2016

    Wow Justin. What a great ending to a great series. I will miss my daily email.



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