Trump Settles Trump University, After Boasting That He “Doesn’t Settle”


President elect Donald Trump is trying to wrap up his many legal entanglements before entering the White House in January. The charges of forcible rape of a minor have been dropped. Trump himself dropped a decades long case against the Palms Springs airport, who he was suing because they were flying planes over his posh Mar-a-lago club. Turns out that as a part time residence of the President, it will probably be made a no-fly zone without a court case.

But those cases were dropped. The Trump University case was a different matter all together, with dozens of plaintiffs claiming fraud against the “university.” I use quotation marks because the organization had no accreditation of any kind and conferred no diplomas, two things that universities generally do.

The court date was looming over the President elect, as he slowly began filling candidate positions this week, when the news broke that he had decided to settle for the princely sum of $25 million dollars.

Trump hates settling, seeing as an admission of guilt. Back in March he said the following about the University case.

“It would be easy for me to settle the case, it’s a simple civil case,” Trump said.“Probably I should, but I don’t want to because I give them a great soundbite, but I don’t settle cases. I don’t get sued because I don’t settle cases, I win in court.”

No one reading this blog should be surprised that Trump has decided to settle this case despite vowing no to. Trump’s promises are not binding to him in any way and should not be viewed as a promise future action, but might be valuable as an indication of what the man believes to be expedient at the moment the words tumble out of his mouth. During the election Trump thought that considering a settlement would be seen as an admission of guilt and a sign of weakness, but now that he has won it is convenient for him to get this of the docket.



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