Trump Says His “Numbers Are Better” Than Reagan vs. Carter. They Aren’t.

During a speech in Rome, NY on April 11th Trump railed against his opponents, and their criticism of his campaign and style of politics. He again compared this race to the 1980 Reagan versus Carter race.

At the 17:45 mark of the above video Trump said “Now I haven’t even started on Hillary, and my numbers are better, right now, than Ronald Reagan’s numbers were with Jimmy Carter. You know, Ronald Reagan, who was great, he had a 30% favorability and he was behind Jimmy Carter by so much everybody said ‘Oh, this is going to be a disaster.”

Politifact checked out the numbers, and compared Trump to Clinton. In both instances they used the average of multiple polls. In April of 1980 Carter was leading Reagan by an average of 5%. In a similar comparison of Trump versus Clinton in March of 2012, the average of the polls has Trump trailing by 11%, more that double the amount Reagan was trailing. This is not even taking into consideration that in 1980 there was a third party candidate, John Anderson.

Trump also said Reagan had a 30% favorability rating, not just voting poll data. In May of 1980 a Gallup poll placed Reagan’s favorability rating at about 70%. Trump’s favorability rating in a similar poll was actually 30% now, 40% below Reagan. Futhermore, only 13% of respondents in a poll in 1980 said they would definitely not vote for Reagan. 54% of those polled by the AP recently said they would definitely not vote for Trump.

So Trump again tries to bask in the glow of the almighty Reagan, and again comes up short.



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