Donald Trump Tells Businesses, Not Women, To “Go Fuck Themselves”

Donald Trump was pretty angry about the above new anti-Trump attack ad, one of the first of the general election, where women lip sync to misogynist statements that he has made in the past. Among several tweets he made yesterday about the ad, this one stands out:


It is already pretty amazing that Trump is not defending himself about the horrible things he said about women, but then feels it necessary to correct the ad on who exactly he told to “go fuck themselves.” He says that it was directed towards China. Even that is not correct. Posted below is the video at a rally in New Hampshire where the offending offensive line is quoted from. It’s not directed at women, but it’s not directed at China, either. It’s directed at American businesses that move their operations overseas.

So Donald Trump tells American businesses to “go fuck themselves,” then is angry when that line is used in a attack ad about his disgusting views on women. He lies and tells the American people that it was actually a reference to China, which it is not.

Would it be more Presidential if it were directed at China, perhaps America’s most important trading partner? Do you want your President to tell anyone to “go fuck themselves?”




  1. Justin · November 8, 2016

    Go fuck yourself


    • Justin · November 8, 2016

      That was a very informed and constructive comment, Justin. Thank you for your contribution to this reasoned and polite political discussion.


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