Donald Trump Blames Hillary Clinton For A Fannie Mae Filibuster That Didn’t Happen


Donald Trump claimed in a statement this week that Hillary Clinton filibustered efforts to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and insinuated that the Clinton campaign received donations as a quid pro quo. The statement below, released by a man hoping to become the President of the United States, incorrectly names two of the largest and most important mortgage banks in the world as “Fannie and Freddie Mae.”

First, Hillary Clinton fueled the mortgage meltdown, now she wants to bring in millions of low-wage workers to drive down salaries for the most vulnerable Americans — all to boost profits for her special interest donors. Not only did Bill Clinton push legislation that fueled the subprime lending crisis, but Hillary Clinton filibustered legislation to reform Fannie and Freddie Mae — institutions at the center of the Great Recession — which have been funneling hundreds of thousands to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and Foundation.

If Trump is referring to the Republican led effort for the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005, which Polifact has to assume as Trump gives no evidence or details, then he is wrong because it was never brought to the Senate floor much less filibustered. There was a threat of a Democratic-led filibuster against the bill, but it never came to pass at all, and certainly not led by Hillary Clinton.

News coverage at the time did not mention a filibuster, except for this quote from Democratic Senator Chris Dodd: “The word ‘filibuster’ is nowhere near the horizon,” he said. Hillary Clinton never publicly supported or opposed the bill, and was not on the committee so she did not vote on it.

The Clinton campaign and Clinton supporting PACs have received money from Fannie Mae and its employees, receiving the fourth highest amount of donations from that group. But without evidence of the quid it is hard to prove the pro quo that Donald Trump is insinuating in the above statement.



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