Trump Claims To Have Personally Seen Black Lives Matter Activists Call For “Moment of Silence” for Micah Johnson

Repeatedly yesterday, both on The O’Reilly Factor and at the Westfield, IN rally featured in the above video, Donald Trump claimed to have personally witnessed Black Lives Matter activists call for a moment of silence for Micah Johnson, the sniper that killed five officers in Dallas last week.

“I saw what they’ve said about police at various marches and rallies,” Trump said in Westfield. “I’ve seen moments of silence called for for this horrible human being who shot the policemen.” He went on to say that “the other night you had 11 cities potentially in a blow-up stage. Marches all over the United States—and tough marches. Anger. Hatred. Hatred! Started by a maniac! And some people ask for a moment of silence for him. For the killer!”

On The O’Reilly Factor he had a similar quote, saying “When somebody called for a moment of silence for this maniac that shot the five police, and you know, you just see what’s going on. And it’s a very, very sad situation.”

There seems to be absolutely no evidence of a Black Lives Matter activist, or any other activist,  publicly calling for a moment of silence. Gawker claims to have found two social media posts by individuals with such a sentiment, but the “they” that Trump was referring to was Black Lives Matter activists at their marches. Trump seems to have made this up out of whole cloth. There seems to be no video that has surfaced, and news outlets are coming up empty.

Trump’s co-chairman and advisor Sam Clovis has come up empty as well. He was interviewed on by Chris Cuomo on CNN’s New Day and asked directly where Donald Trump saw the calls for a moment of silence.

CUOMO: But calling for a moment of silence?
CLOVIS: Well, it depends on the context, I guess, Chris. And frankly, I’ve had my nose buried in other issues. I’m not dodging your question.
CUOMO: Sam, you’re dodging it. You’re dodging it. You’re doing it artfully, but you’re dodging it. Context, my eye. Either you’ve seen they were calling for a moment of silence or you haven’t.
CLOVIS: I personally have not. I’ve seen moments where I’ve seen in some of these demonstrations, I’ve seen there’s a reverence paid to the shooter that is really startling. I think that is — when you have a person who purposefully and with intent murders five police officers, that’s terrible, and I don’t think you should celebrate that in any way shape or form.



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