Trump Just Doesn’t Understand Why Star Of David Post Was Offensive


A couple of days ago Donald Trump tweeted the above image to wide bipartisan disdain. As WDTLAY and pointed out, this image originated from a white supremacist forum.

When Donald Trump should have been laying low and letting Hillary Clinton’s email scandal dominate the headlines, he instead defended his depiction of Hillary Clinton as corrupt with a six pointed Star of David on a bed of cash.

Last night Trump decided to tweet the following:


No, Donald, it isn’t a Star of David. Donald Trump shows a deep misunderstanding or complete apathy towards what would offend people in general and Jews in particular. There is a pervasive Jewish stereotype that Jews are greedy and corrupt, so when an anti-Semitic group makes an image featuring a six pointed star on a bed of cash and accusing someone of corruption it is not an accident. It was done intentionally by racists to link Hillary Clinton to the supposed corruption of the Jewish race.

There is no such millennia old Jewish stereotype for stickers or empowered female princesses as Donald Trump’s Frozen tweet would suggest. Trump defended Hillary tweet by saying it was just a “plain star,” but it not a plain star. That symbol can be used as nothing more than a shape, as on the Frozen cover, but if you link it to money and corruption you are linking it to anti-Semitism.

Donald Trump has a tendency to retweet things without knowing their origins, as he has retweeted several other images from white supremacist sources. While that is a problem, more troubling is that after the offense has been pointed out he doubles down and defends his actions instead of quietly apologizing and removing the tweet. He has a knee jerk reaction to what he sees as being “politically correct” when it’s really just taking two seconds to think about how your actions might affect other people.




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