For Some Reason Trump Still Thinks The Super Delegates Stole The Primary For Clinton


Trump tweeted this out over the weekend, as he seems to have embraced Bernie Sanders as an outsider than has also been hurt by a rigged system. It seems very strange that a billionaire demagogue that has clinched the Republican nomination for President would still be whining about a “rigged system,” especially by sympathizing with an avowed Socialist that hates his guts…but these are strange times.

Once again, in his anger towards “the system,” Trump misunderstands the primary process and just doesn’t care what the numbers actually say. It is true that many of the super delegates, delegates that are unbound in the convention voting, were overwhelmingly in support of Hillary Clinton. This is not surprising, as most of those super delegates are made of party movers and insiders, and Clinton has been a national force in the national Democratic party for more than four decades.

If there were no super delegates, Bernie still would have lost, as Clinton beat him soundly in both the popular vote and the delegate count. If most of the super delegates went from Clinton to Sanders then Bernie could have won, but it is ludicrous to think that a large majority of the super delegates would have not only changed their allegiance to Clinton, but gone against the clear will of the people.

Clinton got 2200 regular delegates while Sanders got 1831. Bernie still loses fair and square with regular delegates, if the super delegates were thrown out, as Trump suggested. As it turned out in real life, Clinton got 571 super delegates, to Sanders’ 44. After the public primary, the only way that Sanders could have won was converting super delegates leaning Clinton to vote for him, a hard sell as the popular vote was pretty conclusively Pro-Hillary.

Bernie isn’t your pal, Trump, and he isn’t buying your false sympathy when you make up numbers. Good luck converting those rabid Socialist Berners into Trump votes.


Bernie Believers Still Holding Out Hope Superdelegates Won’t Pick Clinton


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