Trump Funneling Campaign Funds Back To Himself By The Millions

As the disastrous state of Trump’s campaign finances has come to light in recent days, a new scrutiny has been placed on where exactly the money is going. While it is true that much of the money used in the campaign so far has come from Donald Trump, it comes in the form of a loan that presumably Republican donors will be paying back when Trump raises the funds in the future, under the auspices of the GOP nominee for President.

As his expenditures for May show, the Trump campaign spent just over $6 million in May. The New York Times reports that of that $6 million spent, $1.1 million were paid to Trump businesses and family members. That is a whopping 18% of total expenditures for the campaign in May were funneled back into Trump ventures. According to CNN, Trump has paid $11 million to Trump owned businesses since the start of his campaign, or almost 20%.

Let that sink in: 20% of the money that Donald Trump’s campaign has spent has gone to businesses that Donald Trump owns.

“He could end up turning a profit if he repaid himself for the campaign loans,” Paul S. Ryan of the Campaign Legal Center told the New York Times. “He could get all his money back plus the profit margin for what his campaign has paid himself for goods and services.” Trump also boasted in 2000 that “It’s very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it.”

When Trump is still mostly self-funding this might not be a huge problem. Now that Trump is actively soliciting donations, where that money goes could be come under a lot more scrutiny.

Trump has said that he won’t use campaign funds to pay himself back. Forgive me if I have a hard time taking him at his word. Why would he need to, when he has already funneled $11 million, almost a quarter, of the $46 million dollars he has lent his campaign back into his own pocket. And the GOP still owes him that $46 million.



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